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Month: October 2019

Consumer credit score marketplace finance

Consumers can purchase credit scores in at least two ways. They can buy them as an add-on when  obtaining a credit report from a CRA or certain other vendors, or they can receive them as part of a “credit monitoring” service. Some of the scores consumers can purchase in this way are used widely by creditors; others […]

Credit reporting and credit scoring

In order to evaluate how credit scores affect consumers it is necessary to understand how the underlying data is compiled, how scores are created, and how they are used by lenders. This section provides background information on credit reporting and credit scoring. Subsequent sections describe the market for scores sold to lenders and how lenders use scores, and […]

World Finance Credit Score Needed

  Big bank theory: Does scale matter?   What is scale worth today? We looked at more than 3,000 banks around the world, and found a relationship between banks’ cost-to-asset ratio and their market share (Exhibit A).* On average, tripling a bank’s market share reduces its cost-to-asset ratio by 25 basis points. (The same relationship holds true for cost-to-income and market […]

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